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2018 Available Hands-On Courses  
Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication - 5 Days $995
Covers fabrication of simple retainers including the construction of Hawley-type labial bows, various types of clasps and springs, as well as processing and finishing acrylic.
Oct. 01 - 05    

Intermediate Removable Appliance Fabrication - 2 Days $485
Covers fabrication of active removable appliances with replacement of teeth, expansion screws, bite plates, and various labial bows.
Oct. 08 - 09    

Orthodontic Lab Soldering - 2 Days $485
Teaches how to obtain proper flow of solder with use of torches and electric unit. Soldering exercises, as well as a variety of removable appliance auxiliaries and fixed appliances will be reviewed.
Oct. 10 - 11    

Banded Herbst® & Cantilever Herbst® - 2 Days $660
Provides instruction on how to properly mount models on an articulator using a wax bite; wire bending techniques; wire placement and soldering; placement and adjustment of Herbst hardware and pivots; and appliance polishing and finishing.
Sept. 17 - 18 Nov. 05 - 06  

Fixed Distalizer Appliance Fabrication - 2 Days $485
Covers common fixed lab appliances used to create distalizing forces in the posterior segment such as the Pendulum, Distal Jet™, and Inman Power Component (IPC) spring-loaded appliances.

Fixed Expansion Appliance Fabrication - 2 Days $560
Covers soldering, wire bending, and acrylicing techniques used to fabricate all types of common fixed expansion appliances.
Nov. 07 - 08    

FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR S® Course - 1 Day FREE
This course is designed to save even more time and money using the versatile Biostar® and MiniSTAR®. Students will learn how to refine their current production methods as well as the opportunity to explore new techniques and the latest developments in materials. more
Oct. 12 Nov. 9  

Indirect Bonding - 1 Day $300
Participants learn how to determine bracket placement and attach brackets to the model using bonding adhesives, techniques for making bonding trays, and method of transferring them to the patient.
Sept. 14 Nov. 16  

Invisible Aligner Fabrication - 2 Days $485
Participants learn controlled incremental resetting of anterior teeth. With each setup, two appliances will be made using single laminate hard plastics of different thicknesses. Each appliance possesses flexibility to distribute tooth-moving forces to the patient's dentition,
obtained from the setup model.
Nov. 14 - 15    

Splint Fabrication - 2 Days $485
Includes instruction in theory and construction of Maxillary Anterior Deprogramming and Mandibular Centric Relation Splints. Participants learn to mount casts on a semi-adjustable articulator using a facebow, as well as splint fabrication, adjustment, and appliance finishing. 
Oct. 15 - 16 Nov. 01-02  

Spring Retainer Fabrication - 2 Days $485
Participants will learn to reset anterior teeth and fabricate spring retainer/aligner appliances.
Nov. 12 - 13    

Twin Block Appliance Fabrication - 2 Days $525
Includes instruction in theory and construction of the removable Twin Block appliance used for the correction of Class II malocclusions. Participants learn how maxillary and mandibular bite blocks work together to protrude the mandible during patient growth and development stage of treatment.
Nov. 19 - 20    

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