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Dr. Mullens Review About Smart Moves

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How Smart Moves works for Dr. Mullens and his patients...

Richard C. Mullens, DDS
Jacksonville, FL


"Smart Moves has allowed us to offer a simple, very effective, and much appreciated service to our patients who have minor alignment issues with their anterior teeth. A typical general dentist probably sees one to three patients per day who would love to fix their crooked smile, but would not consider the logistics of conventional orthodontic treatment for what even they perceive to be a minor problem.

Smart Moves treatment is simple to perform - the folks at Great Lakes
are wonderful in helping me design and plan cases. The treatment really works, and corrects most smiles in 3 months. It has opened up a whole new area of services for our practice. In addition to the boost in our production, we are also generating more referrals to our orthodontists simply because of the interest in Smart Moves from soft advertising in our office. Our greatest difficulty now is finding space in our lab for all of the case pans we are generating with Smart Moves!"