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Smart Moves Exceed

The most valuable resource used in the office is your time. It is generally accepted that accurate bracket positioning is a key factor for guaranteeing an effective and time-efficient treatment. Unfortunately, most brackets are still bonded in a direct, artisan-like fashion. smart moves® exceed® is different. 

smart moves® exceed® provides unprecedented accuracy

Powerful software scientifically calculates the ideal position of the brackets on the teeth:

  • Adjustments to brackets and archwires are minimized or eliminated.

Fast and efficient

  • exceed significantly reduces time spent placing brackets.  
  • exceed minimizes chair time.

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Learn how exceed increases predictability, reduces adjustments, and saves time.

Gives you ultimate control

  • Prior to tray fabrication, a virtual model will be available for your review and approval. The user-friendly software will allow you to adjust the bracket placement, giving you the ultimate control.
  • We can use your brackets or you can select ours. exceed is compatible with most popular straight-wire bracket systems.

exceed Doctor Software

Use the dedicated 3D browser to review, amend, send revision comments, and approve exceed cases online.

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Two different methods to calculate ideal bracket positioning

exceed Rx
Position of appliances is individualized using the pre-treatment occlusion.

exceed Tx
Position of the appliances is optimized to fit a virtual post-treatment setup.


  Rx Tx
Double layered bonding trays Yes Yes
Pre-treatment bracket placement plan Yes Yes
Post-treatment tooth position simulation   Yes
Pre- to Post-treatment morphing video   Yes

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Bonding the exceed trays is an easy and stress-free procedure which can be easily delegated, in part or in full, to clinical staff members.

Exceed Bonding Process

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Introducing smart moves® exceed® Patient Kits for Orthodontic Treatment

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