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FAQs About the Smart Moves Invisible Aligner System

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What is the purpose of the hard/soft tray?

The soft lining allows more movement per tooth
and is more comfortable to wear.

Smart Moves At A Glance

Can I reset posterior teeth with Smart Moves?

The Smart Moves system is designed for minor
movement of anterior teeth only.

Smart Moves Instructional Guide

If interproximal reduction is needed, how will I know how much and where it should be done?

We will evaluate each case and send you a blue
card (with the case) with clear instructions on
where and how much reduction is needed.

Interproximal Reduction Guidelines

The trays do not seat fully. What is wrong?

The trays initially may not seat fully in the reset
area but should seat well onto the teeth that were
not repositioned in the lab setup. Over time, as
the anterior teeth begin to move, it will settle into

Smart Moves Instructional Guide

Should I do all the interproximal reduction at once?

No. Interproximal reduction should be done
incrementally and evaluated during treatment.


Interproximal Reduction Guidelines

Can I get an evaluation of Smart Moves before fabricating the trays?

Yes, we will evaluate the case for Smart Moves.
There is no charge for the consultation. If Smart
Moves is right for your case, we will contact you
and proceed with fabrication.

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