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Take Home Sleep Screeners - Detect Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Screening Devices

Confidently identify patients at-risk for sleep-disordered breathing.

MediByte® Junior

MediByte® Junior is a 6 channel home testing device that captures oral and nasal breathing. Provides simple, cost-effective, and reliable oral appliance monitoring for snoring and sleep apnea. Simple and comfortable to wear. Allows patients to sleep in the comfort of their own bed. Detects positional apnea. Uses the same technology found in the best sleep laboratories.

*Contact Great Lakes for information on pedo accessories.

MediByte® Lite Kit

MediByte® Lite Kit is a 12 channel, level 3 home sleep screener capable of recording snore
decibels with audio, in addition to oral facial movement (OFM) and snoring volume. CPAP compatible for hybrid therapy and measures paradoxical breathing. Allows patients to sleep
in the comfort of their own bed. Designed for one- or two-night studies.


Nonin WristOx2® 3150 Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter Starter Kit

The WristOx2® 3150 from Nonin is the most versatile wrist-worn pulse oximeter with unmatched performance and value. The WristOx2 delivers proven accuracy and convenience in the widest range of patient populations and settings. It uses proven Nonin PureSAT® pulse oximetry technology. Unit connects with USB download cable and Bluetooth.


The George Gauge

Allows the clinician to capture the protrusive bite registration and vertical opening without relying on the patient to achieve proper positioning. Eliminates guesswork. Extremely accurate and easy to use. Ideal for mandibular repositioning! Recommended for Functionals and Sleep Apnea appliances.

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