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Narval CC™ - The First MRD of Its Kind

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Narval™ CC - The First MRD of Its Kind

Brought to you by Great Lakes Orthodontics in partnership with ResMed

Narval™ CC is the first CAD/CAM custom-made mandibular
repositioning device (MRD) on the market. Narval CC is the ultimate MRD
solution for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA),
as well as those who are unable to comply with continuous positive airway
pressure (CPAP) treatment. It is also a first line treatment for snoring and
mild to moderate OSA.

Unique CAD/CAM technology ensures a precise fit
and comfortable retention.

Computer-aided design (CAD) enables a high degree of customization to
   suit the complex dental anatomy of individual patients

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) through selective laser sintering
   guarantees a consistently accurate MRD

Made of highly resilient and durable biocompatible polymer material;
   Narval CC is metal-free, flexible, and light weight.

Easy to titrate; highly adjustable (15 mm protrusive range - 0.5 mm

Easy to reorder with CAD/CAM reproduction




 Note:  Narval CC can only be sold by Great Lakes to doctors in the
United States

Features & Benefits

Creates less stress on the TMJ and allows for more flexible lateral  
- Narval CC keeps the mandible in a forward position in a
   comfortable way by retaining it rather than pushing it.

Allows dentists to provide an accurate customized solution
   much faster
- Strong and flexible connecting rods are easy to change,
   allowing for a quick adjustment of MRD to patients’ individual needs as
   treatment progresses.

Allows for natural and free movement - Patented physiological
   articulation allows for the splints to be as close to the occlusal plane
   as possible.

Minimizes the tissue irritation, overloading of the dentition, or
   compromising of periodontal issues
- Comfortable and flexible Narval
   CC splints are easy to insert even in misaligned teeth, rest on the most solid
   teeth and do not touch gums and do not affect dental hygiene.

Maximizes mechanical properties and allows for comfortable
- Durable splints are thin and light; strong enough to be used
   in bruxers.



Narval™ CC - Technology (2:45)


Narval™ CC - Dental Protocol (4:05)

Clinical Benefits Patient Benefits
High Compliance

80% of patients wear the Narval device
   seven nights a week by six weeks into the

Treatment compliance was high after 18
   months with the Narval CC being worn on
   average 6.2 nights per week²

Demonstrated Results

Patients with moderate OSA exhibited an
   average decrease in apnea-hypopnea index
   (AHI) of 57%³

Rapid improvement on parameters of
   sleepiness and quality of life²
Discrete and Comfortable - Yet Effective

Narval CC’s proprietary design combined
   with CAD/CAM technology offers one of
   the lightest solutions on the market

Minimal bulk in the mouth ensures
   patient comfort and compliance

Absence of contact with incisors
   reduces dental sensitivity post-wear

Lateral flexibility eliminates “locked-in”
   sensation and offers freedom to talk and

Patented optimized retention of the
   mandible (ORM) articulation promotes
   mouth closing and physiological
   breathing during sleep³

Narval CC device does not load incisors.
   This limits risk of incisor tilting and
   improves patient comfort
Narval CC Indications/Contraindications

Narval CC is contraindicated in patients who have:

  Central sleep apnea
  Severe respiratory disorder
  Loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
  Are less than 18 years of age
  A completely edentulous lower arch
  Complete removable dentures
  Missing lower posterior molars on one or both sides of the mandible
  Maximum mandibular advancement of less than 5mm
  Short teeth, insufficient teeth per arch and quadrant (e.g. -4 minimum
    per quadrant), insufficient undercuts to retain the device

Additional conditions should be considered including history of asthma,
breathing, or respiratory disorders, or other relevant health problems.

Lab Requirements Overview

Note:  Please download Narval CC Rx for complete information.

  Dental Requirements for proper retention are 6 maxillary and
    6 mandibular posterior teeth

          Blue shaded teeth = Standard*
          Gray shaded teeth = Optional*

          *Note:  The dentition shown in blue indicates the ideal dentition
          within the minimum requirements for 6 maxillary and 6 mandibular
          teeth. If this is compromised for your patients, the teeth indicated 
          in gray also may be used. Please contact Great Lakes to discuss 
          your particular case details.

  Upper and lower models poured in colored Die Stone
  Full arch models-no horseshoe. ½" model bases. Visible anatomy
    must show 5 mm extension beyond all gingival margins buccal,
    lingual, and distal.

Bite Registration:
•  2 mm vertical incisal clearance and 50% of full mandibular protrusion.


Narval CC Dental Practitioner Guide
Narval CC Fact Sheet
Narval CC Patient Brochure
Click to Play Narval CC - Technology Video
Click to Play Narval CC - Dental Protocol Video
Narval CC RX
Dental Requirements

Get Started Now!

Contact Sleep Specialist
Christina LaJoie
Phone:  800.828.7626
Email: [email protected]

Note:  Narval CC can only be sold by Great Lakes to doctors in the
United States
¹ Vecchierini M et al. Efficacy and compliance of mandibular repositioning device in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  under a patient-driven protocol of care. Sleep Med 2008;9(7):762-769.

² Dookun, R. 18 month assessment of 54 patients referred for treatment of anti-social snoring (AHI ≤30/hr) with a custom
  Mandibular Repositioning Device (MRD).

³ Geraards et al. (2010) First intention management of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) by custom-made
  mandibular advancement device: the medium-term results. Prospective study by the General Hospital Pneumologists
  College (CPHG). Rev Pneumol Clin 2010;66(5):284-292

*Photos ©ResMed 2012. Used with permission.