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FAQs About Dental Sleep Medicine

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How can I easily explain to a patient the benefit of an oral sleep appliance?

The OSA Demonstrator is an effective tool to show the patient the benefit of mandibular advancement through appliance therapy. Click on the link to see a video of the OSA demonstrator.

View Patient Education - OSA Demonstrator

What sleep appliances are available through Great Lakes?

Great Lakes offers several innovative, clinically proven sleep appliances. Click on the link to learn more.

View Sleep Appliances

How can I help my patient understand why they may need a sleep study?

Great Lakes offers a variety of at-home sleep screeners that provide cost-effective, accurate data. This information allows you to show your patient that they may be at risk for sleep apnea or other sleep-disorders and why they may need to be further evaluated.

View Sleep Screeners

Does insurance cover sleep appliances?

Yes, depending on the case, insurance may cover diagnosis as well as treatment. Click the link to view or download more information.

View Insurance Information

Where can I find a sleep center in my area?

You can easily locate a sleep center in your area with the Sleep Center Finder provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Click on the link to get started.

Find a Sleep Center Near Me