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Great Lakes brackets offer exceptional quality...and they're priced lower than most competitors' sale pricing. Our bracket systems include:
EasyClip+® Self-Ligating Bracket System: Offers extreme versatility and exceptional control. EasyClip+ can be used as fully passive, fully interactive, or a combination of both.  LEARN MORE >
BioTru® Classic Stainless Steel Bracket System: Completely programmed for a true straight wire system that positions teeth at all four levels - In/Out, Angulations, Torque & Overcorrection.  LEARN MORE >
BioTru® Ceramic Bracket System: Offers a unique combination of aesthetics, function, and strength.  LEARN MORE >
BioTru® Sapphire Bracket System: Offers the ultimate in crystal clear aesthetics.  LEARN MORE >
BioMax® Bracket System: Offers a true Straight Wire system that is efficient and affordable.  LEARN MORE >


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