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Frequently Asked Questions About the 3Shape TRIOS®

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Is training really required?

Training is highly recommended to learn some basic rules of operation to ensure a fast and good result.

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What is the scanning speed of the TRIOS?

Fast. On average 3-8 minutes for a complete case (upper/lower/bite) depending on experience.


Is TRIOS spray and powder free?

Yes. Its scans teeth as well as metals without any contrast powder or spray.


Is TRIOS capable of scanning full-arches?

TRIOS can scan full-arches including the palette in the upper jaw. Crossing incisors requires a slight wiggle technique.  See Videos

Can I use my local lab?

Yes, you can use your local lab as long as they accept STL formatted files.  Digital Lab Services

Do you offer a financing option with the TRIOS?

Yes, Financing is easy. View or download the brochure.  Download brochure

Is the unit sensitive to fogging during intraoral use?

Intraoral cameras can be sensitive to fogging but TRIOS uses a dedicated pre-heating tip to prevent fogging.  

Does the patient (and/or the scanner) have to be positioned horizontally?

No, TRIOS provides complete motion freedom for patient and dentist.  

Can the TRIOS tips be autoclaved?

Yes, approximately 20 times.  

How does TRIOS capture the bite scan?

By an intraoral scan, capturing the exact bite (not by scanning the impression/index)  

How often does the scanner need to be calibrated?

It is recommended to calibrate the scanner once a week. The system will display a pop-up menu when more than seven days have elapsed since the last calibration. Calibration is performed using the dedicated calibration tip.  

Do I need to finish sending one order before starting the next one?

No, you do not need to finish sending one order before starting the next one. After pressing “Send” on the “Send Page”, click “Calendar” to start a new order right away.