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3Shape TRIOS® Ortho System™

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3Shape’s TRIOS® Ortho System™ is a complete digital solution for orthodontists. This powerful, open format system combines the ultra-fast TRIOS® 3D impression solution with 3Shape’s Ortho System software. The system integrates intraoral 3D scanning, scan validation, and seamless communication with the orthodontic lab. Ortho System software gives orthodontists the tools for creating digital study models from the impression as well as advanced tools for accurate treatment planning and case analysis. Plus, the TRIOS® Ortho System™ is designed as an open format system for seamless file sharing and compatibility.

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System Highlights 

  • Ultra-fast impression taking and accuracy
  • Powder-free scanning
  • Open file format
  • Ortho System Software
  • Real Color™ Technology
  • Integrates with patient management systems
  • Single-hand scanner operation
  • Innovative scanner tip:
    • Autoclavable
    • Rotates
    • Anti-mist heater
  • Smart-Touch screen
  • TRIOS® Pod solution
  • Motion sensor interface
  • Live 3D visualization
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
TRIOS At a Glance

3Shape TRIOS®Digital impression-taking that’s fast, easy, and accurate

3Shape’s TRIOS® Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology enables orthodontists to rapidly and easily achieve accurate scans. The final 3D digital impression is based on real data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces. Digital impressions can be viewed live as they are being built on the PC screen during scanning.

No powder needed. Designed for optimal accuracy, patient comfort, and speed, TRIOS® scanning is powder-free.

Scanner is easy to use. The ergonomic handheld scanner easily moves along the teeth, capturing the impression in real time. No need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle to focus. Autoclavable tip is equipped with an anti-mist heater to ensure that scanning is clear and undistorted. Tip rotates for ideal positioning.

A unique motion sensor interface allows the scanner to act like a gaming controller to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression on screen.

 Tooth Axis

Ortho System SoftwareAdvanced tools for treatment planning and case analysis

Ortho System makes it easy to create digital study models including virtual bases, and perform treatment planning and case analysis using 3D and 2D tools, virtual setups, and digital articulators. Complete case histories are accessible from anywhere, and with 3Shape Communicate™, orthodontists can share and discuss cases online with colleagues and their lab, or present treatment plans to patients.

Digital archiving and retrieval.

A digital study model not only eliminates the hassle and expense of physical storage and manual retrieval systems, it also ensures unlimited analysis and easy remakes without damage to the model.

3Shape Study Models

Analysis and case validation made easy.

Case analyses can be customized according to your own methods, needs, and workflows. Your stored workflows ensure analysis consistency across cases, improved efficiency, and optimal results. Software also includes analysis wizards to guide users step-by-step through the process and allows easy comparison of Before and After treatment situations.

3Shape Ortho Analyzer

Easy, accurate 3D treatment planning.

Run full treatment simulation, including extractions and interproximal reductions, with detailed tooth movements summarized for each tooth over time. Or, apply predefined constraints to control tooth movements. Use virtual articulators to optimize the plan’s occlusion aspects.


3Shape SAM Articulator

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System Includes:

  • TRIOS® Cart
  • TRIOS® Scanner
  • System Software (1 License)
    - Ortho Analyzer
    - 3S Communicate Inbox
    - Study Model Builder
    - TRIOS Scan software
  • Accessories:
    - (5) TRIOS Scanner Tips - Standard
    - (1) Protection Tip
    - (1) Calibration Tip

 3Shape TRIOS Usage

Optional Solutions

RealColor™ Technology
Scanned images in realistic color

With TRIOS® color you can scan in realistic colors to clearly distinguish between teeth, gingiva, and restorative materials. This new technology enables recognition of bleeding areas, color transitions on teeth, and margin lines.

Scan in Color 

TRIOS® Pod Solution
Extreme mobility and flexibility

An alternative to the TRIOS® cart, the compact Pod solution offers mobility and flexibility for orthodontists working in multiple locations or treatment rooms as well as practices with limited space. The TRIOS® Pod can be connected to multiple laptops or PCs and allows scanning from an iPad.

3Shape TRIOS Color Pod

Appliance Designer™
The first dedicated CAD/CAM program for creating all types of orthodontic appliances

This software’s modular toolbox allows users to incorporate standard appliance parts and components in their designs. Modified study models or appliance designs can be output using all types of 3D-driven machines and materials.

 3Shape Appliance Designer

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