Orthodontic Programs that Help Your Practice

Appliance Protection Program

Great Lakes understands that appliances may be lost or destroyed through the course of treatment. This obviously creates extra expense for your patient. That's why we created our Appliance Protection Program as
a type of appliance insurance. This program may also be an asset in furthering the growth of your practice. Contact Laboratory Customer Service for more information.

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Master Prescription Program

We know that your technical specifications may vary from our standards. With the Master Prescription Program, we will keep your specifications on file and issue a design number to each. This will assure consistent, accurate fabrication of all your appliance designs. Contact Laboratory Customer Service for more information.

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Appliance Warranty Program

Great Lakes appliance warranty covers:

  Lifetime warranty on acrylic. Any appliance fabricated by Great Lakes with Biocryl or Great Lakes acrylic 
    will be repaired in case of fracture at no charge with the receipt of the original models (abuse or misuse

  Lifetime warranty on material defects in every appliance fabricated by Great Lakes 90-day wire repair and 
    expansion screw warranty.

  90-day warranty on Elastomeric material. A facebow mounting and/or cephalometric tracing are necessary
    to ensure warranty. Contraindications for use of Elastodontic™ appliances include patients with significant
    airway restrictions and/or bruxing habits Sleep apnea appliances:  One year warranty on material and a
    90-day warranty on clasps, expansion screws, and hardware.

If you need to return an appliance, please follow these instructions:

  Return the appliance, original construction model(s), setup, and bite registration (if applicable).
    Important:  Warranty is void if original model(s) or bite is not returned.

  Clearly indicate your reason for return on the reverse side of the "Return Copy" of the packing

To speak with a laboratory customer service representative:

Phone: 800.828.7626 (U.S. & Canada) or 716.871.1161 (Worldwide)
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (EST)

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