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Perio Protect 'Express' Webinar

Become a Provider in 90 Minutes

ONLY $99 - SAVE $30!

November 08, 2017
Start Time:  8:30pm EST

PLEASE NOTE: Due to restrictions, Great Lakes is
allowed to offer this Webinar to doctors and staff
who are residents of the United States & Canada only.
Interested participants from all other countries
should contact Perio Protect directly at

Now it's easier than ever to offer
dentistry's most comprehensive
perio solution in your office...
Learn how to effectively treat
gingivitis, periodontitis, and improve
systemic issues using the
Perio Protect Method®.

Become a Perio Protect Provider

 First time participating doctors
  Staff & current Perio Protect Providers

For additional information:
Contact Doug Willison at 1.866.781.5074
(8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m., M-F, EST), or
Email: dwillison

Sponsored by Great Lakes Orthodontics

 After completing this Webinar,
you will be ready to implement the
Perio Protect Method in your office.

Webinar Fees:
Express: $99 Doctors/$59 Staff &
current Perio Protect Providers

Proof Positive...

According to two studies
recently published in The
Journal of Clinical Dentistry, 
prescription Perio Trays® are
proven to deliver medication
into periodontal pockets and
keep it there long enough to
have therapeutic effect.

Prescription Perio Trays are
the only trays with peripheral
seals for deep delivery into
shallow and deep pockets
(>6mm). Patients use Perio
Trays at home between office
visits for just minutes each day.
Perio Trays are not antibiotic dependent. Research shows
Perio Tray delivery of 1.7%
hydrogen peroxide gel has
benefits alone; and, when
combined with SRP, the results
are better than SRP alone.

Patients describe it as
comfortable and convenient
with benefits of whiter teeth
and fresher breath. Doctors
confirm the results and report
better revenue.



Clinicians Report®

The Perio Tray is
recognized as a
periodontic product that
"Real-World Practitioners
Use and Value Most" by
an independent, non-
profit, dental education
and product testing

Clinicians Report
(April, 2012).

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“This is by far
the best perio
out there.”
- Dr. Robert Nisson,
Henderson, NV

“This is a revolutionary
- Dr. Owen Waldman,
Scottsdale, AZ

“In my thirty-five
years of dentistry,
I have never seen
anything like this. It
does the same for
perio that fluoride
does for cavities.”
- Dr. Terry Spahl,
St. Paul, MN

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Live Perio Protect Webinar
90-Minute Express Version

  This webinar is an interactive, online presentation.

  November 08, 2017

8:30p.m. - 10:00p.m. Eastern
7:30p.m. - 9:00p.m. Central
6:30p.m. - 8:00p.m. Mountain
5:30p.m. - 7:00p.m. Pacific

Presented by:
Alan Friedel, DDS
Independent private practitioner

Only $99 - SAVE $30!
Plus, Earn 1 CE Credit

The Express Webinar includes a live, 90-minute online
presentation and a full color, 89-page text that provides additional
materials for reference or further study. Conveys the 'nuts and bolts'
of the Perio Protect Method. Science and pratical implementation
are combined to help you understand minimally invasive periodontal
treatment options, prescription Perio Tray delivery, identifying good
patient candidates, and case selection rationales.

Completion of the Express Webinar entitles participants to 1 CE
Credit through the AGD. You will need to complete a brief
questionnaire at the conclusion of the online presentation to receive
your CE credits.


About Perio Protect

Treat periodontal disease using the Perio Protect Method, a dentist prescribed home delivery system designed to effectively treat periodontitis and gingivitis. The Perio Protect system features comfortable and easy-to-use Perio Trays, an FDA-cleared medical device that overcomes the crevicular flow. The custom fabricated trays offer varying thicknesses
and differing extensions to support a special seal that gently guides the recommended medications into the periodontal pocket.

The Perio Protect Method requires a doctor’s prescription and supervision, but is often
staff-directed and the treatment protocols are managed at home by the patient.

Perio Protect Method offers:

•  Long-term disease management
•  Systematic approach to reduce tissue destruction and promotes healing
•  Solution to overcome crevicular flow
•  Easy and comfortable homecare system
•  Excellent patient compliance with visible results
•  Treatment program that can be staff-directed and doctor supervised with no new
    equipment or personnel needed
•  Source of recurring revenue

Becoming a Perio Protect Provider:
The most popular and convenient method to become a Perio Provider is to attend a Live, online Webinar. Great Lakes sponsors 4-5 Live Perio Protect Webinars each year. We also sponsor Perio Protect Seminars.

Options include:
•  Express 60-minute Webinar (no CE Credits)
•  Express 90-minute Webinar (1 CE Credit)
•  Standard 3-hour Webinar (3 CE Credits)
•  4-Hour Seminar (4 CE Credits)

In addition to a Webinar/Seminar, you can also become a Perio Provider by conducting a Self-Study. To purchase the Self-Study Kit, go to

For more information about Perio Protect or upcoming Webinars, contact:
Doug Willison at 1.866.781.5074
8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m., M-F, EST, or


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