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About Perio Protect

Treat periodontal disease using the Perio Protect Method®, a dentist prescribed home delivery system designed to effectively treat periodontitis and gingivitis. The Perio Protect system features comfortable and easy-to-use Perio Trays®, an FDA-cleared medical device that overcomes the crevicular flow. The custom fabricated trays offer varying thicknesses and differing extensions to support a special seal that gently guides the recommended medications into the periodontal pocket.

The Perio Protect Method requires a doctor’s prescription and supervision, but is often
staff-directed and the treatment protocols are managed at home by the patient.

Perio Protect Method offers:

  Long-term disease management
  Systematic approach to reduce tissue destruction and promote healing
  Solution to overcome crevicular flow
  Easy and comfortable homecare system
  Excellent patient compliance with visible results
  Treatment program that can be staff-directed and doctor supervised with
    no new equipment or personnel needed
  Insurance coverage
  Source of recurring revenue

Becoming a Perio Protect Provider:
The most popular and convenient method to become a Perio Provider is to attend a Live, online Webinar. Great Lakes periodically sponsors Live Perio Protect Webinars each year. 

Options include:
  Express 60-minute Webinar (no CE Credits)
  Express 90-minute Webinar (1 CE Credit)
  Personalized Training Webinar for Entire Team - 90 minutes (no CE Credits)

In addition to a Webinar/Seminar, you can also become a Perio Provider by conducting a
Self-Study. To purchase the Self-Study Kit, go to

For more information about Perio Protect or upcoming Great Lakes sponsored Webinars,


Joe Panara at 1.866.781.5075
8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m., M-F, EST, or

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