Featured Orthodontic Appliances

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Anterior Deprogrammer Great Lakes Anterior Deprogrammer:  less chair time, no complex adjustments, multi-functional.

Digital Splint Fabrication

Revolutionary technology that can significantly reduce chair time.

Inman Aligner™ Ideal for quick correction of anterior rotations, crowding, and adult relapse without the need for multiple appliances.

Perio Protect® A dentist prescribed home delivery system designed to effectively treat periodontitis and gingivitis.

Sleep Appliances Confidently treat snoring and sleep apnea with clinically proven sleep appliances.

Smart Moves® Invisible hard/soft aligner system. Great results without the high cost.

Higgins XBOW®

Great for distalizing maxillary posterior segments. An alternative to the Herbst*. Kinder to the TMJ.

*Herbst is a registered trademark of Dentaurum, Inc.

Clinician-specific Deprogrammers We make deprogrammers easy:  highly effective, easy adjustments, multi-functional.


Great Lakes appliances cannot be ordered by the general public and require a prescription. 
Please feel free to contact laboratory customer service for a referring provider in your area,
or for additional assistance.

Diagnostic & ABO
Study Models
Diagnostic Study Models:  Our high quality plaster or acrylic models can enhance your case presentation or demonstration.

ABO Study Models:  No lab we know has more experience fabricating ABO Diagnostic Study Models than Great Lakes.


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