Clinician-specific Deprogrammers

Deprogrammers Made Easy!

These highly effective appliances can be used to treat bruxers, clenchers, headache sufferers, as well as to diagnose TMD, relax masticatory muscles, and determine proper TMJ position. Deprogrammers take posterior teeth out of contact to remove any interferences that can cause muscle disharmony and allow the condyles to seat properly.

Fabrication Requirements: Upper and lower stone models.

*Deprogrammers may be contraindicated for patients with internal derangement.

Great Lakes Mini Deprogrammer

•  5x5 overlay coverage
•  Bite plate with centrals and laterals contacting only:
     - Posterior teeth just out of contact, or 
     - Open enough for no interferences during function

Anterior Deprogrammer - Spear Style

•  3x3 anterior bite plate, 1.5mm full occlusal coverage
•  Cuspid to cuspid contacts
•  No guidance
•  Open enough for no interferences during function 

Kois Deprogrammer

  •  Wrap-around retainer style with discluding element
•  Opposing centrals contact only
•  Ideal for equilibration cases

Cranham Deprogrammer

•  Palatal bite plate with discluding element
•  Opposing centrals contact only
•  Ideal for equilibration cases
•  Vaulted palate or good lingual undercuts necessary 
    for retention

“B” Splint – Dawson Academy, Wilkerson Style Maxillary Only

•  1.5mm invisible retainer style full occlusal coverage with discluding element
•  Open enough for no interferences during function


“B” Splint Dual Arch Option (For patients who require long-term wear)

•  Maxillary “B” Splint worn together with lower arch component
•  Mandibular 1.5mm invisible retainer style full occlusal coverage
•  Flat runner bar cuspid to cuspid for upper disclosing element to function against


Support is available. Our Splint Specialist Renée Zureck will:

•  Help you select the deprogrammer that’s right for your patient
•  Get the results you want from our lab
•  Provide you free, personalized consultation 

Contact Renée at 716.319.1223 or by email.

Renée Zureck