Great Lakes Anterior Deprogrammer


The Great Lakes Anterior Deprogrammer is a highly effective appliance that can be used to treat bruxers, clenchers, and headache sufferers.

Our deprogrammer can also be used to diagnose TMD, relax masticatory muscles, and determine proper TMJ position.

It takes posterior teeth out of contact to remove any interferences that can cause muscle disharmony and allow the condyles to seat properly.

3x3 anterior bite plate, 1.5mm full occlusal coverage

• 30-40% of your existing patients have occlusal pathology.

• A high percentage of these patients 
can benefit from a deprogrammer.

Watch this video and we’ll show you how easy it is to give your patients the relief they need.
Cuspid to cuspid
   • No guidance ramp   
Open just enough to  
   eliminate interferences  
   during function
   • No complex adjustments


Anterior Deprogrammer

Add a TMD screener
to your evaluation
and easily identify patients who can benefit from occlusal
Fabrication Requirements: Upper and lower stone models.
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 At a Glance - Helpful Deprogrammer Information


 Our Great Lakes Splint Specialist Renée Zureck will:

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         Help you get the results you want from our lab

         Answer your anterior deprogrammer questions


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Deprogrammers may be contraindicated for patients with internal derangement

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