Digital Orthodontic Lab Services


  We'll fabricate any appliance from your digital files

  Great Lakes accepts your intraoral or desktop
  scans for fabricating custom appliances.

 How the Digital Process Works  


 Digital Models


To create a digital model, we can work from your digital intraoral scans (STL files), or generate scanned files from your models, impressions, and bites. Your digital model can be customized with a selection of base options. You can also specify the degree of sculpting and refinement of the anatomy. This digital model can then be used to provide you with a full range of laboratory services.

You can view your digital model files by downloading our free Ortho Scan Viewer. This highly intuitive software allows you to view tooth, arch, and various diagnostic measurements of the digital model. Features include full 3D rotation, zooming, and panning. Specific data about the model, patient, etc. are displayed on screen. You can also capture and print any view using the convenient Snapshot Printing function.

If your practice or laboratory would like to create digital models,
click below to learn about the:
Maestro 3D Desktop Scanning System
3Shape Desktop Scanning Systems

Printed Models

With your digital STL files, we can print high precision study or work models. You have total flexibility over fabrication options. We can print a select model segment—or a full set of work or study models, with or without a base. The model base style and height can also be specified.

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Easy File Upload!

The Great Lakes Digital Ortho Portal provides a simple and secure way to upload and download digital 3D files for use within your practice or laboratory. We also provide a Digital Rx that can be used to specify the digital model services needed for each patient or case.

 Great Lakes Digital Portal

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