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OSA Demonstrator

OSA Demonstrator

An effective teaching tool to show patients the
differences between normal breathing and
obstructive sleep apnea/snoring.

A Great Lakes exclusive, the OSA Demonstrator's easily moveable parts illustrate tissue obstruction, airflow limitation, and how the patient's sleep apnea/snoring condition will improve with a mandibular repositioning appliance. Made of durable lightweight plastic. Dimensions: 10.5"h x 5.5"w 

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The following examples show how
to use the OSA Demonstrator as
an effective teaching tool to show patients the differences between normal breathing and obstructive sleep apnea/snoring. 

If the patient presents:

Hypertrophy of the Adenoids: 
   Insert the dark orange semi-circle
   piece in the indentation at tip of
   blue arrow

Tonsils: Insert the dark orange 
   round piece at the base of the
   tongue. (See semi-circle
   indentation on back for placement)

Elongated Uvula: Slide uvula
   up/down to lengthen/shorten

Fatty Deposits on Base 
   of Tongue:
 Slide tongue toward
   the throat

Swollen Pharyngeal Tissue: Slide
   part forward

Once you have tailored the OSA Demonstrator to mimic the patient’s condition, slide the mandible
forward to show the amount of airway space that is created when
a mandibular repositioning oral
appliance is worn.