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bluephase Curing Lights


bluephase® Curing Lights

Style     20i

An Extraordinary Family of Curing Lights
 The Style and 20i utilize a specially developed polywave® LED to achieve an optimal
broadband range of 380-515 nanometers, and feature cordless operation, rotatable light probe,
battery backup, and are noiseless with no venting required. 

A curing light for every use
  Every material due to polywave® LED
  Every indication due to continuous cooling
  Every time due to Click & Cure backup function
  Every hand due to ergonomic design (Style only)

                      Choose the bluephase Curing Light that's Right for You

 • StyleCan be held like a pen or a pistol

 • 20i:  Consistent, maximum performance
 Curing Light Style 20i
 Item Number  190-140  190-120
 Maximum Light Intensity 1,100 mW/cm²±10% 2,000 mW/cm²±10%
 Curing Programs    
     Turbo Power   2,000 mW/cm²
     High Power  1,100 mW/cm²±10% 1,200 mW/cm²
     Low Power   650 mW/cm²
     Soft Start   650/1,200 mW/cm²
 Curing Times    
    Turbo Power        5 seconds
    High Power 10 - 20 seconds 10 seconds
    Low Power   10 seconds
    Soft Start   15 seconds
 Wavelength 385 - 515 nm 385 - 515 nm
 Suitable for all light cure materials
  (polywave® LED)
 All procedures
  (Continuous cooling)
 Uninterrupted usage
  (Click & Cure battery backup)
 Comfortable for all hand sizes
  (Ergonomic design)
Light Probe Short, 10mm, Black, Rotatable 10>8 mm, Black, Rotatable
    (Including battery & light probe)
 120 g  245 g
    Charging Base  195 g  250 g
    Curing Light 3 years 3 years
    Battery 1 year 1 year
Delivery Includes:    Handpiece    Lithium Polymer Battery    Power Supply    Light Probe    Charging Base 
  Protective Sleeves (50)  •  (3) Anti-glare Cones  •  (1) Anti-glare Shield (Note: 20i only)    Operating Instructions 

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