Great Lakes Orthodontics

Free Loaner Program

We know how disruptive it can be when your equipment needs to be repaired. That's why Great Lakes offers one of the most extensive equipment loaner programs in the dental profession.

If you should have a problem with any of the following equipment purchased from Great Lakes, tell us what's wrong - and we'll send you a free loaner (subject to availability) by UPS Ground. You'll only pay for shipping unless the item is still under warranty. Once your equipment is returned, we'll arrange to pick up the loaner - it's that easy!

Our Free Loaner Equipment Includes:

  • Alginator II 
  • Articulators & Equipment
       SAM 2® Articulator
       SAM 3® Articulator
       SAM Mandibular Position Indicator
  • Dentiformer Vacuum Machine
  • Great Lakes 7-Liter Heated Pressure Pot
  • Lab Handpieces
       Great Lakes Electric Handpiece
       Hanging Motor & Cable
       Lab Kool Torque Handpiece
       UC250 Micro Motor Handpiece
  • Micro Torch
  • Pressure Pot
  • Red Wing Lathe with Quick Chuck
  • Thermal Forming Machines
       Holding & Clamping Frames
  • Therm Bath
  • TMJ Doppler
  • Triad II VLC Light Curing Unit
  • Voyager Dust Collector
  • Welders
       Great Lakes Combination Welder
       Great Lakes Tack Welder
  • Whip Mix Small Vibrator

SAM3 Articulator Lab Kool Torque Pressure Pot Great Lakes Tack Welder