Great Lakes Orthodontics

Advantage Program

Exclusively for Biostar® and MiniSTAR® owners, our Advantage Program offers substantial savings on thermal-forming materials
and all Great Lakes products.

Here’s how the program works:
Biostar and MiniSTAR owners who purchase a minimum of 40 boxes of thermal-forming material in a calendar year automatically qualify for a 7.5% discount as Level One Advantage Members. Those who purchase 80 boxes qualify for a 12.5% discount as Level Two Advantage Members.

So the more you buy, the more you save!

The Biostar sheet material doesn’t have to be purchased at one
time, so you can graduate from a Level One to a Level Two member
during the year.



Advantage Members can
save 15% to 32% on popular
products such as clasps, wire,
burs, expansion screws, and