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An Overview of Sleep Medicine - DVD (Set of 2) / by Dr Jonathan A. Parker

Item #: 270-038

Running Time: 22min.

An animated video written and narrated by Jonathan A. Parker, DDS, an internationally known lecturer on the topic of Dental Sleep Medicine. This entertaining and informative video provides professionals, patients and staff with a concise overview of sleep, including the importance of, challenges to, and the potential effects of insufficient or inadequate sleep. It clearly explains the effects of obstructive sleep apnea on health and quality of life. Topics include:
  • Prevalence of sleep problems in our society
  • Normal and abnormal sleep
  • Sleep and the day/night cycle
  • A review of sleep disorders
  • Effect of obstructive sleep apnea on health and quality of life

The second supplemental DVD takes the main topics of the full video and separates them into three segments that can be conveniently presented independently:

  • Video 1:  The Rhythm of Normal Sleep
  • Video 2:  A Review of Sleep Disorders
  • Video 3:  The Health Consequences of Sleep Apnea

The following video excerpts are representative of Dr. Jonathan Parker's methods of engaging audiences and improving the learning experience.


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