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Item #: 255-060
Sale: $2,533.50

Home testing device that captures oral and nasal breathing.

Provides cost-effective and reliable oral appliance monitoring for snoring and sleep apnea. Uses the same technology found in the best sleep laboratories. MediByte® Patient Supplies - 25 packets/box (255-061), MediByte® to CPAP Adapter (255-062), and MediByte Lite Kit (255-070) also available.

Kit includes:
MediByte® Jr. Recorder
  Oximetry Finger Probe
  (2) Oronasal PureFlow® Cannulas
  Micropore Tape
  Communication Cable
  (2) Batteries (3.6v ½ AA lithium)
  MediByte® Software Setup & Download Wizard

Measurements - 6 Channels:
• Oximetry
• Heart rate
• Pressure flow
• Snore (derived from pressure)
• RIP (Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography)
   Chest effort
• Event marker
• Internal body position sensor
• CPAP flow
• CPAP pressure (if CPAP Adapter is purchased)

Advantages for You:
• Detects positional apnea
• Uses the same technology found in the best sleep
• Designed for one or two-night studies
• CPAP compatible for hybrid therapy
• Uses Microsoft Word templates specific to dental
   sleep medicine

Advantages for Patients:
• Simple and comfortable to wear
• Allows patients to sleep in the convenience of their
   own bed

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U.S. FDA, Health Canada, and CE Registered

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Weight: 1.550 lbs.
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