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Class I (Standard) Lucia Jigs / 12/pkg.

Item #: 255-021
Sale: $45.60

The Lucia Jig will help obtain centric relation by de-programming muscles and allowing the condyles to seat in the most superior position. Photo shows Class 1, Standard jigs (pictured bottom) and Class II jigs (pictured top). A variety of material can be used to fit the Lucia Jig including acrylic, ACU-flow™ brown stick compound, or light cure material. Lucia Jigs are available Class I, Standard (255-021-12pkg.) and (255-023-24pkg.), Class II (255-022-6/pkg.), and in the Lucia Jig Kit (255-025-18 Class I and 6 Class II Jigs).

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Weight: 0.025 lbs.
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