Great Lakes Orthodontics

Spring Retainer Fabrication Course

Spring Retainer Fabrication

2 Day Course

Note: This course is only offered once per year.

For technicians with some knowledge of dental anatomy and who have exceptional wire bending
and acrylicing skills.

Participants will learn to reset anterior teeth and fabricate spring retainer appliances.


  • Method of creating setup of the anterior teeth (2x2)
  • Wire bending clasps, labial and spring components
  • Model duplication processes
  • Fabrication of a 3x3 spring clip, modified design, and concepts of super spring retainers
  • Acrylicing, trimming, and finishing techniques
  • Review of auxiliary aligner designs (invisible modifications)
  • Use and application of instruments and materials

Course Fee: $485.00


May 17 - 18