Great Lakes Orthodontics

Splint Fabrication Course

Splint Fabrication

2 Day Course

This session is intended for technicians with basic dental anatomy knowledge and acrylicing experience.
Also, some prior skills of handpiece use are a plus. Course includes instruction in theory and fabrication of Maxillary and Mandibular Occlusal Splints. Participants learn to mount casts on a semi-adjustable articulator
using a facebow, as well as adjustments and appliance finishing.


  • Basic concepts
  • Theory and construction of Maxillary Anterior Deprogramming and Mandibular Centric Relation Splints
  • Mounting models on a semi-adjustable articulator with facebow
  • Acrylicing and adjusting splints with articulating paper on a semi-adjustable articulator
  • Finishing procedure of splints

Course Fee: $485.00


June 01 - 02