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3Shape Orthodontic 3D Scanners

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3Shape's R500, R750 and R2000 orthodontic 3D scanners capture plaster models and impressions using dedicated tools to achieve perfect occlusion.

R500 R750 R2000
3Shape R700 Orthodontic Scanner - Open
Entry Scanner to CAD/CAM
Workhorse of Productivity Upper/Lower Simultaneous Scans
Scan time plaster model: 105 seconds
Scan time impression: 115 seconds
Scan time plaster model: 65 seconds
Scan time impression: 180 seconds
Scan time plaster model: 30 seconds

2 x 1.3 MP cameras - Red Laser 2 x 1.3 MP cameras - Blue LED 4 x 5 MP cameras - Blue LED Multi-line
Accuracy: 10 µm (ISO) Accuracy:  10 µm (ISO) Accuracy:  5 µm (ISO)
  Extended interior Extended interior - Room for 2 models
    Color texture scanning
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Scanner Highlights

  • Creates accurate digital study models in just a few clicks
  • Scans silicone or alginate impressions, and plaster casts
  • Captures extreme detail for excellent clinical results
  • Open STL file format for flexibility and easy integration
  • Adaptive Impression Scanning ensures that the full geometry is captured
 Empowers Orthodontic Workflows

 • 3Shape's patented Adaptive Impression Scanning intelligently detects incomplete areas and automatically builds scan
   sequences to capture the full geometry.

 • Users add virtual model bases to their scanned digital models, efficiently and consistently replicating traditional physical

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 System Configurations
 R500*  -  R750  -  R2000

   Desktop PC
• High performance PC (model subject to change)
   • Operating system and 3Shape software pre-installed
   • Mouse and Keyboard included (Monitor NOT included)

   Operating System
  • Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit, English (Support for 35 languages)

 Repair Disk
  • Windows 8 Pro repair disk

  Software Package
  Single user license of Ortho System Premium™* including:

  • ScanIt Orthodontics™ for 3D scanning of study models & dental impressions
  • Ortho Analyzer™ for case analysis
  • Study Model Builder (including study model STL output)
  • Ortho Planner™ for treatment planning and monitoring
  • Planning Model Builder (including planning model STL output)
  • Appliance Designer™ CAD program for modeling of orthodontic appliances (including design STL output)
  • 3Shape Communicate Inbox for order reception and filtering (20 connections included)
  • Remote assistance software

Annual Subscription
• Yearly license and update fee due from the fourth year on (R500 and R750 only)

  Help System
  • Integrated online user manual (12 languages)
 *R500 - Standard Version

The R500 is also available with a Standard Version Software Package. The Standard Version
does NOT include Ortho Planner, Planning Model Builder, or Appliance Designer listed above.

Yearly license and update fee due from the second year on.